Former Admissions Officer Application Review (Single Application)

Choose 1 application to be reviewed by a Former Admissions Officer (FAO). 

Receive a thorough, personalized evaluation of your application by one FAO to a single university, along with a comprehensive written report, including a prospective admissions decision and recommendations for improvements. Our reviews take 7-10 days to be returned and include the following:

+ Headline summary of the evaluation as it would be viewed by an Admissions Officer, with key takeaways and action items to help the student strengthen their application materials.

+ Assessment of the student’s academic performance and intellectual curiosity within context of market demographics and applicant pool, as evidenced by marks, testing, and the student’s writing.

+ Review of a student’s activities list, assessing breadth and depth of engagement, leadership, initiative, and impact, along with detailed, actionable feedback to strengthen candidacy and descriptions.

+ Review of a student’s Common App Personal Statement, with impressions on intellectual curiosity, demonstrated quality of writing, and theme, along with detailed, actionable feedback to strengthen hook statement and essay materials.

+ Review of a student’s supplemental essays (for the single chosen university) to enhance competitive edge at given university.

+ Valuable insights into the overall competitiveness of the application as our FAOs, equipped with professional backgrounds and intimate knowledge of the university and its applicant pool, provide invaluable assessments to enhance the application's standing.


What should I submit?

  1. REQUIRED: PDF of the full Common / Coalition / UC Application  or equivalent (includes the Personal, Family, Education, Testing, Activities, Essay, and Additional Information sections)
  2. REQUIRED: PDF of one (1) university’s application supplement (Includes the College Questions and Writing Supplement, if applicable)
  3. REQUIRED: High School Transcript (grades) / list of Predictions/Results
  4. (Optional): School Profile (if available)
  5. (Optional): List of who is submitting teacher & optional letters of recommendation (Ex. Rec 1: English, Rec 2: Psychology, Optional: Internship Mentor)



What are Former Admissions Officer services?

Former Admissions Officer (FAOs) services provide students with a “peek behind the curtain” — an opportunity to benefit from the perspective of admissions professionals who have made thousands of decisions on applications to highly selective universities. Our former admissions officers hail from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Northwestern, NYU, and more. Collectively, they’ve been responsible for admitting over 10,000 students to the highest ranked universities in the world. And unlike some college consultancies, every one of our admissions professionals were officers at their universities, and many were senior members of their admissions teams.

Crimson’s FAO team has extensive experience in both domestic (American) and international admissions, having read tens-of-thousands of applications from students all over the world. Our approach is deeply personalized and adapts to the needs of each individual student. Where other companies provide cursory reviews that lack depth and personalization, our FAOs are deeply invested in their students, providing thorough reviews and dialogues that meaningfully increase students’ chances of admission.

    Former Admissions Officer Application Review (Single Application)

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