Purchase this review if you are writing an essay for a merit scholarship and would like us to review it. Scholarships include things like the Coca Cola scholarship, the Robertson Scholarship, etc. If you have more than one essay to submit, that's fine—just add up the total word count, put the essays into a single document, and upload the document after you've purchased. 

Please include the essay prompt(s) when you submit your essay.

What’s included?

We will:

+ Return reviewed essay/s within the selected timeframe. (Note: the time of delivery is determined based on the exact time that the order is processed by our system and sent to us by email, NOT on the time that you placed the order itself.)
+ Suggest improvements and edits on submitted essay/s
+ We may edit paragraph structure 
+ We may provide input into essay direction / feel
+ We may move content around if appropriate
+ Provide one round of edits per product purchase

We will not:

+ Add additional content
+ Rewrite / ghost write any part of the essay
+ Provide guidance on college admissions and if the essay is ready for submission to intended colleges

Scholarship Essay Review

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