Master's Application Essay Review (Priced PER WORD)

Master's Application Essay Review (Priced PER WORD)

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INSTRUCTIONS: in the quantity box, please type in the total number of words you will have us reviewing in your essay document. Please note that you must input the correct number of words in order for your essay to be fully reviewed.

Please include the essay prompt and the degree programs you intend to apply to at the top of your essay when you submit it.

NOTE: Essay feedback will be delivered within 5 business days, up to 2000 words. Orders larger than 2000 words may take longer.


Elevate Your Master's Application with Crimson – At Crimson, we recognize the critical role essays play in your applications. Our team of seasoned editors specializes in offering comprehensive feedback and line-editing, ensuring your essays are impactful and resonate with admissions committees.

Personalized Editing Approach - Understanding the uniqueness of each essay, Crimson's editors adopt a personalized approach. We ensure your personality, academic achievements, and career goals are vividly and authentically portrayed, aligning our feedback with the specific demands of your chosen graduate programs for maximum impact.

In-Depth Feedback for Refinement - Crimson goes beyond basic corrections. Our editors engage deeply with your narrative, focusing on clarity, coherence, structure, and tone. We assist in succinctly conveying complex ideas, ensuring your essay is not only free from errors but also compelling and persuasive.

Line-Editing for Precision - At Crimson, we know every word in your essay counts. Our line-editing service rigorously reviews your essay for grammar, syntax, and stylistic consistency, refining your language to ensure academic yet accessible communication, free from ambiguities, and with enhanced readability.

Confidential and Timely Service - Crimson respects the confidentiality of your application materials and personal information. Our editing process is structured to provide timely feedback, helping you meet application deadlines without compromising on quality.


What’s included?

We will:

+ Return reviewed essay/s within the selected timeframe. (Note: the time of delivery is determined based on the exact time that the order is processed by our system and sent to us by email, NOT on the time that you placed the order itself.)
+ Suggest improvements and edits on submitted essay/s
+ We may edit paragraph structure 
+ We may provide input into essay direction / feel
+ We may move content around if appropriate
+ Provide one round of edits per product purchase

We will not:

+ Add additional content
+ Rewrite / ghost write any part of the essay
+ Provide guidance on college admissions and if the essay is ready for submission to intended colleges